Pixel Adventures Video Game Song
8-Bit Space Waltz 2 Video Game Song

2016 Submissions

I'm Here With You General Rock Song
Deep Into The Caves Miscellaneous Song
Throughout Time General Rock Song
Killer Android New Wave Song
Heaven Ambient Song
The Journey Classical Song
Electric Vibe V2 New Wave Song
Dream Walker Ambient Song
The Reborn Cinematic Song
Night Ride New Wave Song
Psycho Killer (8-bit Version) Video Game Song
Electric Vibe New Wave Song
1983 New Wave Song
Mr. Rozz Jazz Song
Hellraiser (Arranged) Cinematic Song
Rise On The Other Side Cinematic Song
Doomed Cinematic Song
E=mc2 Experimental Song
Streets Classical Song
Hellraiser Cinematic Song
A Night Through the Shadows Cinematic Song
Darkness and Beyond Orch. Cinematic Song
A Rockin' Pixel World! Fusion Song
A Pixel World! Video Game Song
Darkness and Beyond Cinematic Song
8bit Rhapsody Video Game Song

2013 Submissions

Fuse Fusion Song
Blade Dance Song
Lazer Dance Song
Slacker Indie Song